Devils 2, Rangers 1. Dozens Cheer

Devils-Rangers pre-season

I got up just after 6 am, a reasonable hour for a work day. Gill was up a couple of unreasonable hours earlier to catch a flight to Chicago.

Took the pup over to Union Square for a run, and we got back home just as the rain started.

I’ll be working remotely from here for the next two weeks. I think Mordecai likes having someone to hang out with on a work day. Which made me feel kinda bad when I ditched him all night.

We went down to Leroy’s dog run for about an hour, then I dropped him off and walked up to Penn Station to hop a train to the Devils-Rangers game in Newark.

It struck me as odd that the station is right across the street from Madison Square Garden, and $5 and 20 minutes later, you’re at another NHL teams’ building. Maybe it’s not odd, maybe that’s just what envy feels like.

I know it’s only preseason, but things are a little different here than in Leaf land.

I walked up to the box office, bought my ticket for $28, and went inside. I got a draft, a pastrami sandwich with chips and pickle, and change from a $20 bill.

Nice building, decent neighbourhood. Not half as bad as Glenn Healey makes it out to be. I’m guessing it wasn’t half full, and half of those in attendance were Rangers fans.

Devils fans hate Rangers fans. Rangers fans hate Devils fans. It was hard to concentrate on what was happening at ice level with all the entertainment happening in the stands.

Best jersey of the night award goes to the bitter Devils fan. He wore 17 with the name on the back edited to Kovalsuck.

Schneider looked solid in goal, and that speedy little Swedish kid Tedenby is a player.