The Three-Legged Rat

Lunch at the Extra Virgin

Woke up and made a pot of Westside Market coffee. Damn good. Gill went out for a run, so Mordecai and I decided to go on a short walk to check out the dog run in Union Square.

Mordecai’s always so gentle and friendly with the smaller dogs, and loves to sniff butts as much as any canine, but anyone who knows Mordecai knows he’s all about the ball.

So we’re playing fetch, and, as always, everyone gets a turn. Mordecai starts dropping the ball at the foot of every dog owner in the park. They seem so impressed they’re actually willing to pick up the disgustingly slimy orb and toss it for him. Over and over again.

Passersby start to gather around the fence to watch the crazy ball-fetching dog. People ask questions like “How come his tail is so big?”

Having worked up a sweat, Mordecai heads over to the little plastic wading pool for a drink of water. Then he decides it’s the perfect size for a little rest. He lies down in the pool, trying to look casual as his butt hangs over the end. A minor local celebrity is born. Paparazzi camera flashes light up the overcast skies of midtown.

Found our way down to Greenwich Village for lunch at the Extra Virgin. Got a great table on the patio by the entrance so Mordecai could greet all the diners. He liked that.

After lunch, we headed for Washington Square, looking for The Bitter End. We didn’t find The Bitter End, but we did wander through the park, stopping by the fountain to watch everyone cooling off in the heat.

Leaving the park, past the pianist and the chess players, Mordecai stopped to cool his paws in a puddle.  When we looked down, he was sharing the water with a three-legged rat who was taking a drink. They just kinda looked at each other as if to say “What’s up?” or “Hot enough for ya?”, and we moved along.

We walked home up 8th Avenue, past the window of Empire Cake. They know what’s up.

Took an afternoon nap in preparation for the ESPN Fantasy Football Draft.  We drove up to West Nyack to meet the league participants, eat chicken wings and drink beer.  I assisted Gill with her picks, bringing my extensive football expertise to each round. I think I might have recognized three names. Pretty sure we’ve got this locked up.

The draft took place inside a mall that is home to the world’s tallest indoor rope thingy. Very cool.

Headed home via Montvale, NJ to pick up the duffle bag of stuff Gill had brought down on her previous flight. Found street parking on 15th Street, let the dog out, and called it a night.