The First Thing That Strikes a Visitor to New York is a Taxi

Taxi doors

Gill was out of the house early for a meeting in Short Hills. Curious name. Not to be confused with Tall Plains. Or Wide Narrows.

I walked over to 8th Avenue with Paul and Heather so they could catch a cab to LaGuardia. Today is the first day of the United Nation’s General Assembly, so it took a while to hail a taxi. Midtown is pretty much shut down on the east side of Manhattan for the Assembly, but the in-laws made it to Queens in plenty of time.

Those two know how to have a good time. We may have them back – if they promise to slow down a little.

Mordecai monitored my work from the couch all day, and around 4 pm we headed off to Union Square. I made a couple good-sized corned beef sandwiches mid-afternoon, but still didn’t put much of a dent in our stash from Sunday.

Gill worked even later than usual (maybe this project should be called the Big Large), so Mordecai and I watched the Rangers-Flames game on TV ’til she got home. We went to meet Gill at the carpark around 10 pm, and ate a light dinner watching the debut of Hostages before calling it a night.