Right Now I’m Having Amnesia and Deja Vu at the Same Time. I Think I’ve Forgotten This Before


I took Mordecai over to Leroy’s dog run in the morning while Gill, Paul and Heather went to pick up the rest of the perfect pairs of shoes. I think Paul was invited in case they needed an extra pair of hands. There are a lot of perfect pairs of shoes in this city.

We met up back at the apartment, then took the subway up to 59th Street. Picked up lunch at Carnegie Deli and walked over to Central Park for a picnic. I was only carrying 4 sandwiches in a bag, but it felt like the whole cow, plus pickles.

Half a sandwich, as big as your head. We ate, we groaned, we walked on. Found ourselves at the carousel and couldn’t resist, in spite of the imminent threat of festooning the horses with corned beef.

Next up was Navy Terrace, and from there we headed east towards the sailboat pond.

We left Central Park on the east side and walked over to the hospital where Paul did his residency 50 years ago. He showed us the apartment Gill was born in, then we headed south, past Rockefeller University down to the 59th Street Bridge. Feelin’ Groovy.

We walked back towards Central Park along East 59th, and came to Bloomingdales. Just yesterday, retired NYPD Detective John Lennon mentioned there was something special going on there this month.

Lo and behold, there I was, standing next to the very kit Ringo played at Shea Stadium back in 1965. How cool is that.

Next stop was the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, but with the line up crossing the plaza, we just peeked inside the glass cube for a look at the glass circular staircase leading down into the store. Clearly, we were losing steam.

Dog tired from the walking, or all the old memories, or maybe just too much corned beef, we limped towards the subway and headed home to watch the Emmys with Mordecai.