If There Are No Dogs in Heaven, Then When I Die I Want to Go Where They Went


Gill got up early for a workout. I did not. Mordecai and I went out for a walk as Gill headed off to New Jersey.

Spent most of the day in meetings, then my best friend and I went down to Leroy’s dog run. Not sure what the pup ate for breakfast, but he seemed years younger, chasing the ball with boundless energy and enthusiasm, occasionally stopping for a lounge in the pool.

Maybe it was the slightly cooler temperature, or maybe he just knows a perfect day when he sees one. Hard to believe he’ll be 6 years old next month.

We took the River Walk up to West 16th Street and headed home for Mordecai’s dinner. Along the way, I was trying to burn the image of the Jersey shoreline into my mind’s eye, not knowing if or when I’ll see this view again. Heading home Saturday (at least that’s the plan for now). Can’t believe 4 weeks have gone by so quickly.

I met Gill on the street in front of the apartment (wouldn’t want Mordecai to think we might dine without him), and we walked around the corner for something to eat at the Merchants Chelsea on 7th Avenue. We got a table at the front by the open window, recounted our adventures so far, and tried to put some plans around anything on our NYC bucket list that we haven’t gotten to yet.

It’s a long list, and a short time.