A Building has Integrity Just Like a Man. And Just as Seldom

Awning down

Sometime overnight, the awning on the hair salon beside us came crashing down. First thing in the morning, the debris had been cleaned up and the awning taken off the sidewalk. By mid-morning, 4 guys had taken delivery of some 2×4’s and constructed a platform that looked like everyone had thrown their hockey sticks into a pile to pick teams. No ladders, no levels, no measuring. Kind of artistic, really.

By late afternoon, they had installed new flashing and stuccoed the facade. I’d still be looking in the yellow pages for someone to come quote on cleaning up. Back home, we could have legislated this project to a grinding halt, but things happen quickly around here.

After they left, I had to go check out the 2×4 deathtrap they’d built. Unbelievably, solid as a rock.

4 pm was time for a break, Mordecai and I walked down to Leroy’s dog run. Saw three chocolate labs along the way. Seems there are as many dogs living in New York City as people. And there are a lot of people. And Elmos.

Tried to play fetch, but Moose the St. Bernard decided he wanted the ball. Neither Mordecai nor I questioned his authority. When Moose briefly stopped chewing, I grabbed the ball for a few throws before he struck again, sauntering off to the wading pool to chew in comfort and solitude.

After about 20 minutes, Moose’s mother decided it was time to leave, so I left it up to her to extract the ball from Moose’s maw. She said he loves to chew a ball. I said I’ll bring two next time.

Finally free of the threat of having my arm removed just below the elbow, Mordecai had a rousing game of fetch and some quality pool lounging time before we headed back home through the Village.

Worked late again, as did Gill. When she got home, Gill cobbled together a meal, I took Mordecai out for his evening constitutional, and we called it a night.